Here's what it looks like to go 207 mph on a bicycle

Bravo to François Gissy for continuing to reach truly ridiculous velocities on his rocket-powered bicycle. The amazing Frenchman recently hung on for a series of runs at Circuit Paul Ricard where he bashed through his old record and showed a Ferrari who was boss.

We thought it was crazy enough last year when Nissy hit 163 miles per hour on his rocket bike down a stretch of French highway. Clearly, the cycle's designer, Arnold Neracher, has kept hard at work on the project, though. In the latest runs, Nissy managed a top speed of 207 mph (333km/h), blowing last year's results up in a huge puff of smoke.

The speed alone is impressive enough, but seeing how quickly he attains it makes the video truly mind-boggling. The cycle is little more than a white streak going down the track. For sake of comparison, Nissy also lines up for a drag race with the Ferrari to show what quick really looks like – this bike is truly a crotch rocket.

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