Google Glass may be dangerous to both drivers and pedestrians

The debate over wearable tech like Google Glass continues to rage, with questions still being raised about the safety of using the technology while driving. Now, a new study from the University of California, San Francisco, is claiming that not only is Google Glass dangerous to drivers, but it poses a real threat to pedestrians, as well.

According to the Cal study, the concern doesn't focus so much on the distraction posed by the technology, but the ability to create blind spots for its wearers. In particular, and unsurprisingly, the worst blind spot was caused in the upper right corner of the right eye, where the display is located. According to The Daily Telegraph, the study recommends that those driving or riding a bike avoid using the wearable, due to the way it impedes peripheral vision.

" The Google Glass hardware produces a significant blocking effect of the right peripheral vision," UCSF clinical ophthalmologist Dr. Edward Koo told the broadsheet. "The defect would not be compensated by the left eye and thus may negatively impact daily activities such as driving, cycling and running."

The news comes as a particular blow for Google and its automotive partners, like Mercedes-Benz, The Telegraph reports. With these findings in hand, Koo and his team have confirmed that they'll be developing larger, wider-reaching study into the effect on visibility and attentiveness and the effects, and that it will be done in conjunction with Google.

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