The List teaches how to do a perfect donut

Doing a donut in your car once, or perhaps unintentionaly – that happens to most people eventually. Learning how to craft a perfect donut out of opposite lock and throttle modulation – that's an art. Come along in this episode of The List Shorts, as we learn from Formula Drift driver Michael Essa the art of perfect donut control. Anyone else getting hungry?

Review: F1 2014 for Xbox 360

Yes, games for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are the hottest titles in the industry right now, but that doesn't mean there aren't millions of gamers still putting in work on the last-gen consoles. And, game-makers like Codemasters are hoping that titles for those systems still have some punch. We take the latest iteration of the official F1 franchise for a spin, and offer up notes after more than a few shakedown laps.

How and why carmakers camouflage their cars

We've seen thousands upon thousands of automotive spy shots come through our email inboxes, but it's not that often that we sit back and ponder the origin story of car camouflage. The truth is that every automaker has got people toiling endlessly to keep spy-shooter lenses from being able to easily discern what they're seeing. Find out how the camo game is played, here.

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