Ford looks to have something really big planned for the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Blue Oval has released the first of five teaser videos on the brand's performance heritage, and aside from some great images of racers over the years, the video includes a series of teaser images, the last of which points to November 17, 2014.

That's the day before press days open in LA, and considering the propensity of global automakers to plan lavish debuts the night before a major international auto show, it's a virtual certainty that Ford will be showing off some sort of special vehicle.

That'd be news in and of itself, but based on the images shown in Ford's teaser video – which include an Alcantara steering wheel, a "Powered by Ford" valve cover, aluminum pedals, sticky tires, a big, round exhaust tip, a honeycomb grille and a serious set of wheels – it seems very likely that Ford will be showing something performance oriented.

The font used at the end of the video, meanwhile, matches that used on a leaked GT350 logo, uncovered by back in August, leading us (and them) to believe that we're going to be seeing the latest Mustang GT350 in just a few weeks time.

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