Three years ago, Morgan reintroduced the Three Wheeler after a hiatus of almost six decades. While the family-owned British automaker initially planned to only make 400 or 500 of the trike roadsters, it quickly emerged as its most popular model.

These days Morgan is making 500 or so Three Wheelers each year, resulting in 1,400 units made since 2011. That amounts to roughly 50 percent of all the vehicles Morgan makes, far eclipsing the rest of its lineup that consists of four-wheeled models like the 4/4, Plus 8 and Aero Supersport. Demand for the Three Wheeler has been so high, in fact, that the small factory in Worcestershire can barely keep up, resulting in a waiting list several months long, according to The Telegraph.

Based on that success, Morgan is even considering putting an electric version of the Three Wheeler into production. It wouldn't be the first time Morgan had toyed with the notion of greener propulsion: The company displayed the electric Plus E concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and toyed with the idea of both fuel cells and hybrids for the Lifecar over five years ago. If for no other reason, we'd be interested in seeing an electric Three Wheeler just to see what it'd look like without its loveable V-twin motorcycle engine mounted in the nose.

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