With his shock of white hair and penchant for wearing gloves and black sunglasses, fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld isn't a hard guy to pick out of a crowd. But while he is best known for designing haute couture, Lagerfeld also has a passion for photography and his cat, Choupette. Both of them are being featured in bizarre advertising for the Opel Corsa in Europe, and a new, making-of video makes the whole process look even weirder.

Choupette, which has its own Twitter page, is moved around the Corsa, and Choupette going from looking vaguely scared to occasionally bored and even just angry at everything that's going on. It's hard to imagine pictures of a kitty selling many Opel hatchbacks. However, everyone here appears to be taking the photo shoot very seriously, and the stern mood just makes the proceedings seem that much more absurd.

Of course, if the Internet has proven anything, people love looking at cats, and getting Lagerfeld to shoot the car makes sense. He has done similar advertising before but has moved down the price ladder with each new job. In 2007, he shot a calendar of the Audi R8 exclusively for owners of the supercar. The designer returned a few years later with Volkswagen to advertise German special editions of the Polo, Golf and Golf Plus.

With all of that out of the way, feel free to watch the video above. Or not. It's up to you...

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