JT Nesbitt is an artist when it comes to shaping metal and composites into custom vehicles. He really built a name for himself with his creations at Confederate Motorcycles, like the Wraith, but a few years ago he set out on his own to found Bienville Studios. The company's goal was to branch out beyond cycles into crafting cars too, but to finance the project Nesbitt had a Kickstarter to build a bike called the Legacy. The final result has definitely proved this guy's skill.

The look of the Legacy takes Nesbitt's work from Confederate and kicks it up even further. The bike has a very industrial design with a girder-style front end and lots of exposed fittings. However, it's clear that each piece is well thought-out and is there for a specific reason. According to Asphalt and Rubber, portions of the damping are done with mountain bike components, and chassis adjustments are made with just an allen wrench. The rugged look extends to the gauges that are in a style that would be appropriate for something steam-powered at the turn of the 19th century, and at the heart of this sensational cycle is a beautiful V4 with its exhaust pipes coming out from each side.

Bienville is making just three units of the Legacy, and each one is tailored to its owner. The video above gives a peek at some of the detail work, and the gallery below shows off even more of the bike. There are also even more videos featuring different aspects of the bike on its website.

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