The 2015 Ford F-150 (autoblog)
Tuesday marks mid-term elections here in the United States, which is kind of a big deal if you've gotten tired of constant campaign advertising. But as Election Day approaches, the constant voices attempting to forecast the results are only set to increase. TrueCar, which has teamed with to predict the winning party in this year's elections based purely on the best-selling car in each state.

TrueCar identified so-called "truck" states and "car" states based on the best-selling bodystyle, with trucks, including SUVs, and cars tacking on hatchbacks, wagons and small crossovers. Trucks dominate, covering 34 states, while the remaining 16 states, including political giant California, purchase more cars than trucks. The two organizations cross-referenced those stats with the 36 states holding senate races on Tuesday, looking at their voting pattern in the 2012 presidential election and the projected leaders for Tuesday's race.

Truck states, which in themselves are dominated by the Ford F-Series, are leaning Republican or have a strong history of voting for the GOP in the past, while car states tend to lean the other way. There are, naturally, a few exceptions. Truck-driving, Democratic-voting states include Oregon, New Mexico, Hawaii, Minnesota, Illinois, New Hampshire and Delaware. Car-driving conservatives, though, are fewer and further between, though, with South Carolina as the sole state.

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