Crew Saves Man Trapped Under Truck In Minutes

Doctors say quick action saved his life

MidAmerican Crew Saves Man Trapped Under Truck in Minutes

Utility workers are being hailed as heroes after their quick actions saved a truck driver's life last week in Iowa.

Rick Dawson stopped last Thursday to help a fellow trucker stuck in some loose gravel in Ankeny, Iowa, KCCI reported. Dawson shoved a piece of wood under a back wheel to try and help the truck gain traction, but ended up being pulled underneath, his head and torso crushed by the tires.

Three utility workers employed by MidAmerican Energy were just leaving a job when they saw the accident. While one worker called 911, the others used their boom truck to lift the vehicle off a critically injured, but alive, Dawson. Dawson, 60, was under the truck for five minutes. Doctors told KCCI the quick actions of the utility workers saved Dawson's life.

Dawson is unable to speak, but can move his arms and legs. Doctors say he has a long road ahead but is slowly improving.

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