2015 Mercedes S550 Coupe2015 Mercedes S550 Coupe

Mercedes has a new flagship coupe coming to a dealership near you, and we just tool the keys to one such machine, a 2015 S550 Coupe Edition 1, to be exact, all over the great State of Rhode Island. The autumn weather was lovely, the changing colors were beautiful, and the newest Benz was pretty much a perfect vehicle with which to take it all in. Read on for all the details.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder'Anti-Tesla' bill signed into law in Michigan

Is House Bill 5605 accurately described as being 'anti-Tesla?' Well, that depends on who you're talking to. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder doesn't seem to think so, and State Representative Aric Nesbitt, who introduced the bill itself, has specifically stated that it's not directed at the electric-vehicle manufacturer. Tesla, for its part, seems to disagree, as do a large number of its adoring fans.

putting fuel in carEPA to mandate new mileage test procedures

"Your mileage may vary." We all know what it means, and we all expect at least some variance between what we actually record with our own cars versus what was originally displayed on that car's window sticker when it was new. Thing is, some automakers have recently been found to have been rating cars after testing with inaccurate procedures, and the EPA is planning to put that problem to an end.

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