Amsterdam's Schiphol airport launches fleet of 167 Tesla electric taxis

Traveling by jet airplane may not be the greenest mode of transportation, but if you're landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, at least you'll be able to get into town under pure electric power.

The Dutch airport has inaugurated a new fleet of 167 Tesla Model S taxis, giving it the largest fleet of all-electric taxis of any airport in the world. The cabs will be operated by two taxi companies – BBF Schipholtaxi and BIOS-groep – who will shuttle passengers to and from the airport with zero emissions.

"This represents a crucial step in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and become one of the world's three most sustainable airports," said Schiphol Group CEO Jos Nijhuis. Last year, the airport authority brokered a deal to buy Europe's largest fleet of electric buses to shuttle passengers to, from and between terminals as well. So whatever you may be planning to burn while in Amsterdam, at least it doesn't have to be fossil fuels.
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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Record number of electrically powered taxis at Schiphol
Schiphol, 16 October 2014

As from today, passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can opt for electrically powered taxis operated by BBF Schipholtaxi or BIOS-groep. The two companies will jointly offer passenger transport services with a fleet of 167 Tesla Model S taxis. Schiphol is the only airport in the world to offer a comparable service: no other airport has a fleet of sustainable taxis this size. The electrically powered taxis provide a significant boost to sustainable mobility at the airport.

'The new fleet of 100 per cent electrically-powered Teslas allows passengers to continue their journey from Schiphol in total comfort. At Schiphol, high-quality transport and an environmental conscience go hand in hand. This represents a crucial step in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and become one of the world's three most sustainable airports', explained Jos Nijhuis, Schiphol Group's President and CEO. The zero-emission taxis will be serving Schiphol for a period of at least four years, with an optional extension of up to eight years.

Check-in to sustainability
Schiphol Group anticipates and is investing in a sustainable future for the airport. Schiphol Group facilitates connections - connections between the Netherlands and the rest of the world and connections between people. Schiphol Group conducts its operations with respect for people, the environment and its neighbours, both through independent initiatives and in close cooperation with passengers and airport business partners.

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