The folks at the Russian company Dartz take tuning Mercedes-Benz models to extremes most people would consider impossible. Two of their recent creations include an armored G63 AMG 6x6 in pink camouflage and another one with a portable smoking room. Now, it's giving the GL-Class some attention, and the result is a dream for those extremely paranoid about their safety.

The Dartz Prombron Black Shark takes it name from a Russian attack helicopter. As the teaser image (above) suggests, it's packed to the gills with enough armor and security equipment to safely escape a small army. In fact, some of the Black Shark's features sound like the stuff of science fiction.

The body is reportedly made from bullet resistant Kevlar-titanium, which Dartz claims is "to prevent the use of magnetic mines." It's also allegedly available with military tech like a road analyzer, distance explosive detector and signal jammer. If that's not enough, the door handles disappear into the body and have what the press release calls an "anti-paparazzi shock-device." Don't worry about someone breaking in though because a fingerprint and retina scanner is offered, as well.

The interior is just as opulent as the exterior is secure. It includes things like a Bang and Olufssen stereo, champagne holder with sterling silver hand polished flutes, a humidor, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and much more.

The mechanical bits are still somewhat of a mystery. Dartz says buyers can choose from either a V8 or V12 engine with tuning available up to a claimed 1,500 horsepower.

Dartz is only building five Black Sharks and says more information is coming around October 19. Scroll down to read the press release about this super-secure Mercedes.
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The DartZ Prombron Black Shark

Up until this point approved by 2 former 007 agents - Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, the DartZ cars
have been mainly used by the opposite side in the movie conflict - the villains.

Their ability to protect its occupants against any attack imaginable while having the biggest commanding presence of any nearby vehicles literally guaranteed, lured Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator (2012), Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) and lately Pierce Brosnan in The November Man (2014) to fully experience the real-life James Bond car features in a opulent and bulletproof package that DartZ offers. It is after all the main characteristic of DartZ. Bespoke, Opulent, Noble Drive.
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------
...In James Bond movies, what is the most precious thing upon which usually depends the fate of our

Time - The Aeterno package

If you don't want to count on the last seconds getting to your desired location, with our AMG
handmade engine with the ability to be tuned up to 1500 horsepower there is no lack of power and

Then when you arrive in the jungle that is the city, our sophisticated VERTU powered applications
allow your driver to quickly find the best way to avoid traffic and find the most convenient parking

On the road and in spontaneous need of international flight? Skip the crowds and book a private jet from
any major airport in just 2 touches with BlackJet (tm) feature incorporated in your vehicle.

V8+V2 / V12+V2

All these features, as mentioned before, are incorporated into 2 VERTU high-performance, bespoke and
opulent smartphones making sure you will never have to use anything serial-made, whether it be a car or
a smartphone, during your travels again. The VERTU products have been chosen by their similarities to
DartZ when it comes to performance, opulence, and customer experience. It is a definite status symbol,
having a Vertu phones made with the same bizzare leather with customizable monograms you choose
for your car interior. We have also prepaid Vertu Concierge for you. That gives you 24-hour worldwide
assistance, priority bookings, accessing money-can't-buy events or finding the perfect gift. Your
Concierge will fulfil every request using their unique expertise and inside knowledge.

Coming from a choice of either V8 (63 AMG) engine or V12 (65 AMG) engine, in combination with 2
Vertu phones, our side badge is "V8 biturbo V2" or "V12 biturbo V2".
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------.
..Let's face it, you are bored of serial-made cars. We all are. Downsizing, eco-friendly recycled plastic
materials and law regulations are making ways to stand out among the best in the car industry very inconvenient. With Black Shark fully customizable features and appearance you get a car that is one-off
masterpiece and forever will stay that way.

Second to Nothing

It is the pinnacle model from DartZ and incorporates the full breadth of the company's expertise,
including 2015 Mercedes Benz GL 63/65 AMG platform, the finest materials for the interior supplied by
Italy's best - Luxpel and their special division Kolonial Touch using laser engraving and tanning, as well as
Bang and Olufssen's Beolight and Beosound entertainment system making sure, that your multimedia
experience is the same as in your home cinema.

Bulletproof Safety as standard

Black Shark is short wheelbase version of the PRVY (ПЬРВЫЙ - The First), a newest vehicle designed
for Russian Federation's leaders and inspired by powerful Black Shark military helicopter. That means
having security features such as electrochromatic windows for your privacy, custom safety
(disappearing) coach doorhandles (with anti-papparazzi shock-device), Kevlar-Titanium body to prevent
the use of magnetic mines, rotating bulletproof grill with DartZ badge and your customizable monogram
as well as armoring up to grade B7 using patented Soviet technology Kapsula for the guaranteed
comfort even in the toughest of environments today's world provides. If that is not enough, our
engineers have developed the Golden Eye feature implementing fingerprint and retina scanner for
additional safety.

In addition to Mercedes Benz Driver Assistance package, we also install the most sophisticated driver
vigilance telemetric control system Vigiton, capable of constant monitoring of driver's
psycho-physiological condition and overall awareness, so you don't have to worry about unreliable

Your personal security doesn't end with 'hardware' solutions. Your DartZ V2+ mobile application gives
you the ability to always know what is happening with your vehicle even when you are not traveling. You
always know where your car is, what are external and internal conditions (in case of fire or deflated tire), even activate sirens and lights to "scare off" crowds, that might make your traveling inconvenient.

You can also always use car's camera systems to watch and record, to prevent vandalism, car accidents for insurance claim or anything else that might happen to you and your new Black Shark.
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------
Leonard Yankelovich, DartZ' s founder and owner despises the term SUV (first in Forbes article,
after that other companies such as Rolls Royce followed) when talking about our vehicles. "For our
customer this term degrades the car to a category including farmer's trucks and grocery shopping utility
vehicles." he says. "Despite luxury and supercar brands introducing their premium SUVs to the market in
the upcoming years, the situation doesn't change for DartZ. Luxury corporate owned brand releasing
their serial-made car on steroids is still a far cry from the values that our brand and products bring to the
customer. Our customers already have all common supercars, limousines, but this is the only bespoke
product they get as the best of them all.."

Our car is based on 3 (non-lethal) bullets. Russian Imperial opulence in the interior, Soviet
military power in armoring and German engineering perfection as a platform. The first one traces back
to the year of 1869 when the Russo-Baltic Wagon Factory was founded in Riga, then a major industrial
centre of the Russian Empire. Originally the new company was a subsidiary of the Van der Zypen &
Charlier company in Cologne-Deutz, Germany. In 1894 the majority of its shares were sold to investors in
Riga and St. Petersburg, among them L. Tetelbaum, current owner's Leonard F. Yankelovich's direct
ancestor. The company grew to 3,800 employees.

The second bullet and turning point came in 1912 (then Russian Empire), when the company became
official Russian army's supplier with the first armored car built in Riga in 1914 on the base of RussoBalt
model C base. The technology was eventually used in the upcoming decades as the foundation for
armoring luxury coaches for the Soviet union's leaders and officials.

One of company's branches - BTAZ, has detached itself, and is building spaceships right now.
As the modern technology developed over the century, we have decided to use world's most
sophisticated technologies as the car's platform - Mercedes Benz AMG. Engineering perfection for the
engine, transmission, suspension and chassis. Our third bullet. Try to dodge these.

It's an honour for our company to be the successors of the RussoBalt house that raised the
famous engineer and grandfather of helicopters, Igor Sikorsky. Therefore the interior of 4 out of 5 Black
Shark trim editions is decorated with leather engraved and tanned motives from the aviation history.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
Wondering why all the James Bond movie references in the beginning of this presentation?

The most sophisticated trim level of the new Prombron Black Shark is the real spy-car of the 21st century
and it will also be the only armored vehicle of the new trim line.

Military-sourced sniper-prevention roof, road-analyzer, distance explosive detector and signal jammer
are one of many features making this edition a fortress under any circumstances. Along with champagne
holder, sterling silver hand polished flutes, golden shisha and bespoke humidor, Xbox ONE, Playstation 4
and LTE hotspot installed to keep you or your partners and family occupied during your travels.

"Bond's car was his only personal hobby. One of the last of the 4.5 litre Bentleys with the supercharger
by Amherst Villiers, he had bought it almost new in 1933 and had kept it in careful storage through the
war. [...] Bond drove it hard and well and with an almost sensual pleasure. It was a battleship-grey
convertible coupé, which really did convert, and it was capable of touring at ninety with thirty miles an
hour reserve." wrote Ian Fleming in Casino Royale

Introducing teaser DartZ Prombron BlackShark 007 In signature Battleship (or Spy)-Grey

More information and pictures coming soon. Stay in touch to be first to spread the world :)

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