Police Officer Uses iPhone To Locate Car-Crash Victim

Apple's Find My iPhone app locates California woman

Woman Rescued From Ravine Thanks To iPhone App

​A tech-savvy cop in California may have saved a missing car-crash victim's life yesterday with a little know-how and an iPhone.

Melissa Vasquez's Chevy Cruze automatically reported an accident Monday afternoon using the car's OnStar system, according to ABC 7. Operators with OnStar told California Highway Patrol the crash occurred near Vasquez's home. Later, they updated her location to downtown San Jose. In each location, police found nothing.

She was actually miles away, laying face down in a ravine. Her car had fallen 500 feet off Mt. Hamilton Road, and Vasquez had been thrown clear of the vehicle. By 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, Vasquez's stepmother called police and reported her missing. When officer David Cameron arrived, he noticed the missing woman had an iPad. It took him three guesses to unlock the device and use Apple's Find My iPhone app to find the missing woman. Twenty minutes later, Vasquez was being airlifted to a local hospital by rescue workers.

OnStar is currently investigating why its system couldn't pinpoint her location. Vasquez suffered injuries to her abdomen and legs. She is in stable condition.

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