First Drive: 2015 Ford Focus EcoBoost

Cagey car-spotters may be able to pick out the 2015 model of Ford's Focus at a glance, but the most fascinating update for the new compact lies not in the hexagonal grille, but behind it. Ford is ready to offer its mighty mite, 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine in the Focus for the first time. We drive the thing and can report that it's not only an acceptable engine, despite its miniscule displacement, but we actually quite like it.

Take the Tightly Cropped Car Pic Challenge

Take a picture of a very well-recognized thing. Crop that picture to remove all context and almost all but a few scant details. Now, show the picture to people and make them guess what it is. We're not saying we invented the formula behind the TCCPC, but we are proposing that you'll have a good time looking at it, and scratching your head for 10 minutes. Warning: 8 through 10 are toughies.

2015 Ford F-150 named Truck of Texas

If you're a full-line automaker in the US of A, and you build trucks, you'd better be pretty darn keyed in on the Texas market. They sell an awful lot of pickups in the Lone Star State, which is exactly why Ford is so stoked to take home this years hardware from the Texas Auto Writers Association. In addition to the winning, aluminum F-150, we've got the full list of vehicles that earned a brass ring from the TAWA voters, right here.

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