There's now a way to bring all of the fun and competitiveness of a game of Mario Kart to your living room floor with a tech project called RomoCart. The game uses cameras, a projector, robots and special programming to create an infinite variety of courses on your floor based around any obstacles in the way. Once the race begins, you can even drop bananas or shoot missiles just like in the game.
RomoCart isn't just something you can run out to the store and buy, though, and it's probably only a project for the most dedicated and experienced technophiles, at the moment. The Romo robots retail for about $200 each, plus you need an RGBD camera and a projector. Developer Kawamoto Ken has some tips to make it work on his blog, but he isn't releasing all of the source code quite yet (but promises it's coming). So you're going to need how to code to start racing in your living room, for now.

Check out the video to watch these little karts skitter across the floor and see them react to the terrain and obstacles. It's really neat to know this is possible with the right programming and pieces of technology.

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