Ariel Atom gets even more insane with 3S model [w/video]

  • Image Credit: Ariel
As far as performance machines go, they don't come much more focused than the Ariel Atom. And they keep getting more extreme in their performance capabilities, leading up to the latest version you see here.

Called the Atom 3S, it's based on the latest third-generation track toy, but comes packaged with all the best equipment. Its 2.4-liter Honda engine has been turbocharged up to 365 horsepower, which makes it the most powerful Atom short of the bonkers 500-hp V8 model. It's also got a new five-stage traction control system adjustable from inside the cockpit, Alcon four-piston brake calipers gripping two-piece floating discs and adjustable dampers for the F1-style pushrod suspension. It even comes packaged with the full glass windscreen and LCD cockpit display, and buyers will be able to choose between three transmissions: standard, close ratio or a new Sadev six-speed sequential gearbox.

All of that adds up to blistering performance figures: 0-60 comes in under 2.8 seconds, and the quarter mile is covered in an estimated 10.7 seconds. As you can see from the video below, the Atom 3S will even cover the full course at Virginia International Raceway in a blistering 1:58, making it quicker than the Atom spec racer and about on pace with a Formula Ford single-seater. Best of all, it's available in the US for under $90k, but if that seems too rich for your blood, you can spec out your own Atom 3 starting at $64,500.

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