Can the Zenos E10 challenge Caterham and Ariel? Autocar finds out

Boutique sports car companies pop up every now and again, hoping to challenge the big (well... bigger, at least) boys before slinking away shortly thereafter as a failure unable to make a dent in the crowded market. However, that common story might not apply to new British automaker Zenos, especially if Autocar is to be believed in a new video.

Zenos has a strong pedigree standing behind it, including founders Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards who both have experience in high positions at Lotus and Caterham. The company's first creation is the E10, and it hopes to go toe-to-toe with other British sportsters that excel on the road and on track from the likes of Ariel, Radical and Caterham.

The E10 is a low-slung roadster with no windshield, crafted from a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Buyers can choose between either a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder with about 200 horsepower on tap (though Steve Sutcliffe in the video claims the one he's in has between 180 and 190 hp) or the E10 S with a 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost boasting 250 hp. UK prices start at 24,995 pounds, but a proposed US launch in 2015 is supposed to go for $39,500, plus destination and taxes.

Despite only driving a prototype with exposed wires flapping around, Autocar's Sutcliffe heaps high praise on the E10 calling it, "the car the Lotus Elise could have and should have evolved into." Check out the video for his full thoughts about this new challenger in the British sports car fight.

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