Nitro Warriors stop-motion car films now backed by Hot Wheels

Spend enough time at a hobby while showing skill at it, and there's the possibility of turning the thing you love into a paying job. That's the dream for a lot of people, and it looks like the folks at Vanguard Pictures are hitting the jackpot with their latest video.

The team earned their stripes by making some very cool stop-motion videos called Nitro Warriors starring toy cars doing awesome stunts a few years back. Now, Hot Wheels tapped the group to make an official short using the brand's famous miniatures.

For Nitro Warriors: Dare to Connect, the result of combining Vanguard's skill and Hot Wheels' budget is one of the best efforts yet with an epic feel and great production values. It shows two toys racing across fantasy terrain that imagines the ultimate Hot Wheels track that you could only dream about as a kid.

According to Adweek, the three-minute film took six months to make and includes over 25,000 stop-motion frames. The makers even hired a physicist to make sure all of the movement looked just right. See the finished product for yourself, above.

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