MI man bonds with late father by buying his old Corvette

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A few years back, I was catching up with my childhood friend Adam, who told me he had stumbled upon his late father's tow truck in the used-car listings. When I asked him if he'd buy it, he shrugged, "What for?" Maybe if it was a Corvette instead of a tow truck, he'd have felt differently.

One Scott Bachman of southern Michigan did. Cherishing childhood memories of his late father's orange '73 Stingray convertible, Scott began searching for the car recently, and when he found it, he bought it. Memories came rushing back: "It wasn't until I got into the seat and put my hand on the steering wheel," Bachman told Fox 2 News, "that I felt like I really connected with him again."

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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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