Rapping and bragging about cars goes back practically to the very beginning of the genre. After all, a lot of hip-hop is about presenting a tough swagger and having a cool ride is a huge part of that. The group The Mighty 190 certainly isn't the first to rap about rolling in a Mercedes-Benz, but it might be the only one to rhyme about cursing in a vegetable-fueled Mercedes 190D.

While rapping about how getting the veggie oil to fuel the 190D and showing serious pride in the ride, the group's for the new song That Grease sports all of the classic hip-hop video tropes, including scantily clad women, calling out rivals and boasting about its success. The members deserve some credit, though, because their skills behind the mic seem better than their song The Mighty 190 from 2012. Don't go into this expecting too much quality, but the intervening years show a little improvement in their game.

Warning, there's some explicit language in the video that makes it not safe for work. However, if you're really into it, the group promises that the song's coming to Spotify and iTunes soon.

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