Going to most races means watching the action from behind a fence or from high up on grandstands, but rallying often gives spectators the chance to get closer to the competition than practically any other forms of motorsport. If people are willing to put themselves in danger, they're able to sit right at a corner exit and watch the cars hurtling toward them. However, the Jolly Rally al Colle San Carlo in Italy got a lot less jolly recently, when an out of control vehicle nearly struck a group of onlookers.

The incident occurred when a racer in a Renault Clio came into a corner too quickly and turned the embankment along the side of the road into a ramp that launched the vehicle into the group. Somehow, these folks got away with incredible luck; according to Euro Sport none of them were seriously harmed in the crash, including the woman sprayed with debris towards the end of the video. The Clio was clearly toast, though, with a wheel missing and the rear hatch caved in.

Check out the video and wonder how any of these spectators made it out alive, let alone unharme

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