Tesla now has 200 Superchargers open around the world

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Oxnard, California. That's where electric-vehicle enthusiasts can find Tesla Motors' 200th Supercharger station. And they should be able to find some pretty good surf nearby, too.

Number 200 is located in a shopping mall near Highway 101 about 60 miles northwest of central Los Angeles and includes 10 stalls, according to Green Car Reports. Given the recent pace of European deployments, having No. 200 in the US is a slight surprise, since more than half of the 100 stations installed since April are in Europe (a lot of them are being deployed in Germany and Norway). Technically, Tesla is now up to 207 chargers, with a little over half of those in the US and the remainder in Europe and Asia.

Tesla recently started providing a slightly less powerful but still valuable charging option in the form of wall chargers that can give 60 miles of charging range in about an hour. While no match for a Supercharger, that's about double the charging speed of a 240-volt charging station. As of early September, Tesla had partnered with about 110 North American hotels, restaurants and beach parking lots at deploying what it calls the Tesla Destination Charging Program. For a complete list of Tesla's Supercharger stations, go here.

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