When it comes to recalls, two companies have taken up the bulk of the news lately. One is General Motors, which has been cleaning house in the wake of the ignition switch debacle. The other is Takata, an airbag manufacturer that supplies some of the biggest names in the business. But now those two recall giants could be intersecting as reports indicate that GM may be forced to recall some of its vehicles (no specific nameplates were singled out, including the Chevy Volt, which is pictured above performing well in a crash test) due to the faulty Takata airbags as well.

The problem, for those of you just joining, revolves around the Japanese company's airbags, which have been found to deploy unexpectedly in specific geographical regions – namely those with a high level of humidity. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started investigating the issue following reports of unwarranted airbag deployment in Florida and Puerto Rico, leading to the recall of millions of vehicles.

To date, those recalls have involved Japanese automakers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi, as well as Ford, Chrysler and BMW. GM's addition to the list would only stand to expand the number of recalled vehicles considerably, although Reuters reports that the exact number has yet to be determined.

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