Australia is very much on edge. Last week, the country foiled a potentially gruesome terror plot by religious extremists supporting the Islamic State that sought to hold public beheadings in two of the country's cities. Just yesterday, meanwhile, ISIS called on followers to kill Australians, including Prime Minister Tony Abbot. With such high-profile threats, we can't really blame a group of Australian motorcyclists for their concern when one of their Kawasaki sport bikes started ticking suspiciously.

The bike's owner, 18-year-old Habib Samour, had just returned from a ride when he noticed the ominous noise. Upon opening the underseat storage to investigate, he found a "suspicious wrapped up ball shoved into the back," and promptly decided to inform the authorities.

Before long, the street, in Chester Hill, Sydney was swarmed by as many as 20 police cars, as well as fire services and the bomb squad. The street was blocked for two hours in the middle of the day, while residents were evacuated from their homes as a safety precaution. Fortunately for all involved, it was a false alarm.

Apparently, the wrapped baggie contained some kind of bart that had accidentally been left on following a recent service.

"And I just got it back from the mechanic yesterday. The mechanic broke the disc plate," Samour told The Daily Mail Australia. "'He wanted the noise to stop, so I guess his method was wrapping it up."

When it came to the enormous police response, meanwhile, Samour had this to say: "You know if it's a bomb, bro, what do you expect?" Fair point sir, fair point.

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