2014 EV sales up 91 percent over last year's numbers in Europe

Electric-vehicle sales may be leveling off a bit in the US, but across the Pond, that's not the case. Nope, European drivers appear to be plugging in at a progressively faster rate, as EV sales during the first half of the year jumped 91 percent from a year earlier, Automotive News Europe says, citing JATO Dynamics. And while Renault EV sales are slowing down, Nissan, Tesla and BMW are more than picking up the slack.

European EV sales totaled 23,826 units for the first six months of the year. Notably, Nissan Leaf sales jumped 56 percent from a year earlier to 7,127 units. Tesla Model S sales also contributed to the jump, as did the newer BMW i3, more than offsetting the 25 percent drop in Renault Zoe sales.

Tesla and Nissan are helping the charge (get it?) by deploying more fast-charging stations. Tesla deployed Europe's first Supercharger station in Norway in August 2013 and opened its 50th on the continent last month. Earlier in the year, Tesla also cut the prices of the Model S in Europe to account for the strengthening Euro. In February, Nissan installed its 1,000th CHAdeMO fast-charging station in Europe, adding about 600 in the previous year.

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