The Italian village of Ronzo di Chienis will be honoring a pair of B-25 Mitchell (shown above) after they were killed in the line of duty, during the closing months of World War II. Earl Remmel and Leslie Speer's bomber was damaged before they could deliver their payload on a rail depot near Trento, forcing the two pilots to sacrifice themselves so their crew would have time to bail out.

The crippled plane was over Ronzo di Chienis when the two pilots opted not to loose their payload, which would have allowed their plane to gain even more altitude as the crew hit the silk. Their decision saved the village, and the town has considered the pair heroes ever since. Now, the village is officially honoring Remmel and Speer.

A memorial plaque, bearing the pilots' names, will be placed near the plane's crash site, while an official exhibit will open on the Maybe.

"From reports I've heard from the town, they consider my dad a hero also because it saved the town," Barbara Nash, Remmel's daughter, told Air Force Times. She'll be joined by her husband and children at the ceremony. Also taking part in the ceremony will be Air Force officials, as well as members of the US Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade.

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