Quick Spin: 2014 Kia Cee'd GT

We're undergoing somewhat of a Hot Hatch Revival here in America these days, but the sad truth is that for every Volkswagen GTI and Ford Focus ST we can buy, the average European shopper has three to choose from. So, if we can't beat 'em, we'll borrow 'em. We travel to the UK, to wring out a perfectly warm Kia hatchback that the Korean company doesn't offer on our shores. In the land of hatchback plenty, can the Cee'd GT distinguish itself?

The IRS is getting plug-in tax credits all wrong

It's a fairly simple concept: the feds authorized big consumer tax credits for the first 200K plug-ins and EVs sold by each automaker. The company's report their sales to the IRS, and the IRS keeps track of the tally for everyone involved. Only, that's not happening. We dive into the convoluted tale, and look for some answers.

Why yes, Nissan did make a Leaf pickup truck

What do you do when you need a new shop truck/parts hauler, and you happen to be a major automobile manufacturer? If you're Nissan, you saddle up and build something awesome, it seems. The body and drivetrain of the Nissan Leaf meet the modified bed of a Nissan Frontier, in a tiny truck that we dare you not to have a crush on.

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