Fuel-cell bicycles. It's an idea that comes around every couple of years. Or about seven. It's a complicated process, but then again, so is procuring a little hydrogen.

The newest version of the two-wheeled hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is from Australia's University of New South Wales. The school's researchers are touting the Hy-Cycle, a hydrogen fuel-cell bicycle that can go about 80 miles on a full tank, which is about $2 worth of hydrogen. Now, getting the hydrogen to fill the bike's 2.5-kilogram-capacity canister may take some doing, but at least the researchers are working on ways to boost hydrogen-storage capacity.

Full-cell bikes have been in the works for a number of years but have a hard time gaining momentum. In 2006, we found a company called Veloform that was working on a methanol fuel-cell three-wheeled bicycle dubbed City Cruiser II. The following year, China-based Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Co. went live with a hydrogen fuel-cell bike that had a full-tank range of about 60 miles. The bike coast about $2,600. If you're curious about the Aussie FCEB (we made up that acronym), you can check out a video on the new product below.

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