Motorcyclist In Brazil Survives After Sliding Under Truck

A motorcyclist in Brazil avoided being crushed by an oblivious truck driver with some Hollywood stuntman moves earlier this month.

The biker, Douglas Vieira, was traveling in the passing lane on highway BR-324 in Bahia, Brazil when a semi truck pulled out in front of him, according to Daily Picks and Flicks. In the video, the truck crosses all four lanes of traffic at once. Vieira had little time or options when the massive truck crossed his path. He survived by sliding under the truck. He rolled on to the grassy highway divider while his bike continued to slide down the road.

Incredibly, Vieira is able to stand up after nearly losing his life, just in time to see the errant truck leave the scene of the accident and nearly hit a pedestrian on the other side of the highway. The crash was caught on CCTV cameras. Vieira and local police are still searching for the truck driver.

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