Digging up an old well-known brand name, or reviving a specific well-loved model name with modern-day components and marketing it based on past successes has turned into a tried-and-true business model in the motorcycle world. And sometimes – Triumph most notably springs to mind, and things are looking pretty good at Indian – it even turns into a success.

The latest such brand is Matchless, which was born in 1899, died in 1966 and is now, in resurrected form, promising to show off its Model X Reloaded in the metal at the upcoming EICMA Show in November. Ahead of that debut, the storied British marque has unleashed three rendered teasers. The original Model X hit the market way back in 1929, and the reborn brand will celebrate the 115th anniversary of the Matchless name... not that it's actually been actively building and selling products all that time, of course.

We don't have too many specifics to share, other than the fact that the Model X Reloaded will be powered by an X-Wedge V-twin engine displacing 1,916cc and boasts a frame that doubles as an oil reservoir and a crazy front braking system with a 12-piston (!) brake caliper. From the pictures, we can glean that the bike was designed with an under-slung rear shock, some sort of springer front fork and dual sets of foot controls.

That's about all we know for sure, but you can bet we'll share any further information with you as soon as it becomes available.

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