Watch the Navy's X-47B drone complete carrier launch and landing tests

The US Navy's X-47B, its carrier-borne, unmanned combat air system has just completed a series of testing aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the Navy has been kind enough to release footage of the drone's activities. While this isn't the first time the X-47 has operated from a carrier, it does mark the first occasion it's done so alongside active-duty aircraft, like the F/A-18 Hornet, making this a significant milestone in the UCAV's development.

To be frank, while we've long been accustomed to seeing Hornets launch from the deck of the Navy flattops, we admit to still having trouble wrapping our heads around the site of the X-47 making catapult launches and arrestor-gear landings. Particularly on takeoff, it does kind of look like a scene from a movie.

Take a look and see what we mean.

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