97 Year Old Grandma Takes the Wheel on Big Rig

A 97-year-old great-great grandmother from New Jersey went for the ride of her life on Wednesday when she drove a big rig for the first time.

Vera Abruzzi told her grandson a few weeks earlier that it was her dream to drive a semi truck before she died. She found herself behind the wheel of a 70-foot rig for a free driving lesson. She jumped behind the wheel without hesitation and navigated through a parking-lot obstacle course like a pro.

"I'm not nervous. I always say, 'Do it, if it don't work out, it don't work out.' I'm not afraid of nothing," Abruzzi, a resident of New Brunswick, N.J., told WABC.

Abruzzi might have a bright future ahead. The trucking industry is desperate for new drivers. An estimate 30,000 truckers are needed on the roads right now and the demand for truckers will only grow in the coming decade.

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