Last month we reported that Local Motors was working on a new sports car project. Now the grass-roots automaker has released this video detailing how the project will take shape. (In fact the video even features our earlier report, if you watch closely at the 32-second mark.)

Rather than centrally designing the new Sportscar Platform project, Local Motors is once again crowd-sourcing it. The company is just determining the basic building blocks: it will be front-engined, rear-wheel drive, with a manual transmission and... not much else. The idea is to have as few frills as possible so that the finished product will offer a high power-to-weight ratio "for street-bike performance in a straight line" and "a dialed-in suspension so you have racecar-like handling around corners."

Sounds pretty good so far, but the rest is up to you. Local Motors is now entering the design phase for the first version, and invites you to download the development kit so you can submit your own design. This version will be a stripped-down track car, but the platform will serve as the basis for future derivatives as well, so watch this space – and watch the video in the meantime.

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