Leno rides Harley-Davidson Livewire EV

Harley-Davidson shocked the motorcycling world when it unveiled its Livewire electric bike concept earlier this year. It seemed to go from vague rumors to a full-on, existing piece of machinery in just a matter of days. Even more amazing, the company immediately launched a test-ride campaign throughout the US to gather the opinions of the brand's fans. Of course, if you're Jay Leno, such exotic machinery comes straight to your front door – because he is a huge fan, for starters, though the popularity of Jay Leno's Garage likely doesn't hurt, either. This week, he takes a look at the future of Harley and even takes it for a ride.

While it's rideable, the Livewire is still very much a concept that is still in development. The range is limited to a little over 50 miles for the demo units, and the top speed right now is limited to 92 miles per hour. Leno actually seems a little dubious about the Harley at first when he's checking it out in his garage and openly points out some of the design features that grate on him.

Once he throws a leg over it for a ride, though, some of those little complaints seem to melt away. In its current state, Leno compares the ride of the Livewire to that of a 500cc bike, and he especially loves the regenerative braking and lack of noise. It might not be perfect in Jay's mind right now, but he definitely warms to the idea.

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