Egg-shaped, solar- and pedal-powered $5,500 ELF eco-trike on the way

  • Image Credit: Organic Transit
Remember the old Flinstones cartoons where Fred and Barney could make their cars go faster by peddling their feet on the ground under the car? One North Carolina-based company is putting its own spin on that concept. All for the sake of the environment, of course.

Organic Transit is selling what it calls the ELF, which stands for Electric, Light Fun and is a three-wheeled 150-pound vehicle (technically classified as a bike) that can be powered by electric power, solar power or pedal power. The vehicle, which can carry as much as 350 pounds, has a 14-mile single-charge range and a top speed of 20 miles per hour, though tack on another 10 mph with the pedal-power option. The trike also has disc brakes, fiber-carbon body panels and a 60-watt photovoltaic solar panel that allows the vehicle to by fully recharged under seven hours of sunlight. For those who can't wait that long, three hours plugged into an electrical socket will also do the trick.

Word got out about the Elf late last year but Organic Transit has disclosed more details about the vehicle since then and is pricing it at a base price of $5,495. Of course, you could buy it through Hammacher Schlemmer and pay $9,900. Check out Organic Transit's website here and the video below, courtesy of the Raleigh News & Observer.

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