New colors, a free trunk shelf and, uh, an ionizer. Not mind-blowing stuff, but they are some of the goodies available soon to buyers of the Tesla Model S battery-electric sedan. So say the fine folks at Teslarati.

The California-based automaker is offering an Alcantara headliner upgrade for a tidy $1,500 while widening its choice of colors to include a darker metallic grey. Beyond that, there's the case of the trunk "parcel shelf," which was once a $250 add-on but may become standard equipment. Tesla buyers may also have the option of getting an ionizer, which, for those of us that are scientifically challenged, is a feature in which positive and negative ions are emitted to eliminate bacteria from the vehicle. You will be tested on this later.

Tesla is adding these features just as it's coming off yet another record quarter for both sales and production. For the three months ended June 30, Tesla delivered 7,579 vehicles while building a record 8,763 cars. Tesla says it expects to deliver 35,000 vehicles in all of 2014, Tesla said late last month, which means the company's quarterly delivery rate should hit about 10,000 by year-end and then 25,000 by the end of 2015. That means a whole lot of positive and negative electrons. And free trunk shelves.

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