First Drive: 2014 Volkswagen Scirocco R

What better way to celebrate your Thirsty Thursday than with an illicit sip of some forbidden fruit? The newly updated Volkswagen Scirocco R may not be headed Stateside anytime soon, but that doesn't mean we don't want to drive the hatch/coupe/sports car thing. In fact, the longing makes our desire stronger. Get the scoop on the 276-hp performance machine, here.

5 most ridiculous attacks on Chevy's Volt

Change is hard, we get it. And there are, without question, any number of very sensible reasons to dislike Chevy's oft-flamed, range-extended EV. Still and all, since the debut of the Volt concept in 2007 no other single car model has been targeted with political ire, sensationalist reports and downright misinformation. We chuckle at a fistful of the most absurd examples of Volt bashing, and prep for the recoil in comments.

Think air travel is risky? Try driving a car

For all the coverage in the media recently – and with good reason – the fact of the matter is that driving a car is statistically far more deadly than flying on a commercial airline. That's a vague concept we've all heard repeated before, but laying out the numbers makes the case in a pretty stark way.

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