Autoblog readers share unpopular opinions

Last week Autoblog editors went on record with some of our most unpopular opinions about cars and driving. In response our never-shy readership presented an awful lot of interesting and controversial opinions of their own. Here, we choose some of the reader responses we found most compelling (some downright strange) to feature and respond to. Click through to see what's it's like when the inmates run the asylum.

First Drive: 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

Cadillac's sport-sedan ATS was hailed as a legitimate contender for the BMW 3 Series throne, so removing two doors and sharpening the styling should only help it's case, right? You've heard the one about the book and it's cover... We get behind the wheel of the new Caddy two-door; finding a lot to love and a little bit to gripe about in the process.

Life sentences for execs that delay recalls?

Senator Claire McCaskill has introduced legislation that would drastically increase NHTSA's budget, remove a maximum limit on fines for automakers and punish executives at car companies if they knowingly delayed recalling cars. When we say punish, we mean punish; McCaskill's proposed law would see penalties as high as life imprisonment for execs, where recall violations resulted in death.

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