Son Surprises Dad with a 1953 Hudson Hornet

Dr. Larry Benson didn't hesitate when asked which car sparked his life-long enthusiasm.

"My father's 1953 Hudson Hornet," Larry told what he thought was an cameraman from a car enthusiast blog.

Larry talked about learning to drive in his father's old Hudson. He said his plan was to call every '53 Hornet owner in the country someday, looking for someone willing to sell. This was all while his dream car was sitting in the garage. The interview was actually part of an elaborate setup orchestrated by Larry's son Aaron.

After digging through Craigslist ads and eBay listings, Aaron found a burgundy Hornet from a seller in St. Augustine, Florida and bought it for his dad. Aaron said on his YouTube channel that his dad deserved the big surprise.

"Growing up he was always such a great dad to me," Aaron said. "He believed in everything that I did. I felt like there was no better way to repay him than to give him something he's been wanting for such a long time."

The garage doors went up Larry's jaw dropped. After a teary hug with his son, he jumped in and read the note Aaron left inside.

"A dream come true for you and I both. I hope you enjoy this for many years to come. You earned it."

Aaron's plan was a little more elaborate than other kids who have recently pulled such joyful stunts on their fathers. Last month, a stepdaughter bought the 1973 Porsche 914 her stepdad gave up when he married her mom. In June, a Reddit user upload video of his dad's reaction to seeing his birthday present, a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, in his garage.

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