A Houston family is seeking answers after a police officer left their dog to die on the side of the road this month following a traffic stop.

Josie Garcia talked to ABC13 about the day her husband was pulled over by Houston police for failing to signal through a turn. The family dog, a 14-year-old Chihuahua named Guero was in the car, along with Garcia's husband and a passenger. Police searched the vehicle and found prescription pills. The police arrested the two men, but refused to do anything for Guero.

"My husband pleaded with the officer to let him call someone to come get Guero, and asked him to call Barc (Houston's animal shelter)," Garcia told the news station. "But he said it wasn't his problem, that the dog would be fine."

Guero wasn't fine. After searching for three days someone called the number printed on the missing posters posted by the family. They told the Garcias their beloved pet's body was on the side of a busy freeway. He died not far from where police pulled the men over.

Charges against Garcia were later dropped. Josie Garcia has filed a complaint with the Houston police department and brought her case before Houston's city council.

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