MyCarma, you had us at the "electric fist bump." The smartphone app maker's myEV "electric-vehicle logger" app recently set out on a crowd-funding campaign to raise $25,000 on Indiegogo. And the outfit beat the deal by about $3,400, getting cash from 205 backers in the process.

myEV is now set to debut in October. It can track energy use and state-of charge on 'nearly all' production plug-in vehicles (it'll be compatible with 33 models when it launches in the fall). The smartphone app reveals a ton of data related to battery-charging levels and energy consumption. And the product even has a social-media element by letting people compare energy consumption of their plug-ins and theoretically brag about it.

The product will also include a window sticker with a QR code. That code lets other plug-in drivers notify you – in a "privacy-protected way," of course – to ask if they can unplug your vehicle from a charging station. That's where the "electric fist bump" comes in. Or maybe another gesture if you say they can't unplug you. But we'll try to stay positive here.

In addition to those fist bumps, backers of myEV will get to buy the product at a discounted rate. Check out MyCarma's blog post announcing the campaign's success below, and link to a video about the product below.

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myEV by MyCarma Indiegogo Campaign a Success!

We're proud to announce that our myEV crowdfunding campaign was a huge success! Over the course of our campaign, we were able to raise $28,427 from 205 backers; 114% of our $25k goal.

myEV is the world's first electric vehicle logger for individuals that can track energy consumption and state-of-charge on nearly all production plug-in vehicles. We've been logging these vehicles for a few years for fleets, and now thanks to your backing, we will be finishing adapting that technology to make the world's best logger & app for EV owners.

Some of the app's core features include: trip energy consumption, starting & ending state-of-charge, auxiliary load use, and battery health as well as historical data such as EV mileage, average consumption, range vs. ambient temperature, and much more. myEV also introduces a social component where EV owners are able to compare their data against their friends and similar vehicles in their area.

One of myEV's most anticipated social features is the public charging etiquette window sticker. The window sticker includes a personalized QR code that can be used by others in the myEV community to ask if they can unplug you at a public charging station in a privacy-protected way. They may also give you an 'electric fist-bump', and request a connection to share info.

The logger clips in to the electric vehicle's OBDII port, and passes off data to the driver's phone through Bluetooth.

While the Indiegogo campaign has reached its finale, it is really just the end of the beginning for us. We'll be putting in a lot of work over the next few months leading up to our October ship date, but we couldn't be any more excited to get a myEV device in your hands.

If you are a backer of the project, keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be sending out frequent updates on our progress. If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign, you're still able to join the movement and reserve your spot. The backers will be receiving the first units, but leave your email on that page and we'll make sure to hold your spot in line for the first batch afterwards.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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