We love a good military auction. The guys and gals at Autoblog have pointed a few of these out before, most notably a battalion's worth of Land Rover Defenders. This might not be as useful as the trusty Snatch Land Rover, but it's arguably cooler.

This is a Landing Craft Mechanized boat, more commonly known as the LCM-8. It's was formerly used by the US Army, but now it's going up for auction. Starting price? $25. No, we didn't forget to add a few zeros onto the end of that number (as of this writing, the bid is up to $120).

The 74-foot long LCM can handle 80 tons, which is equivalent to one M60 tank, if you have one lying around wan to, you know, storm a beach. Perhaps more practically, this baby is begging for a conversion into a civilian pleasure craft, with a spokesman for Liquidity Services telling Army Times that with some work, it could become a "cargo carrier, a dive boat, or even a dinner cruiser."

Of course, when we mention "some work," we actually mean quite a bit. "You get what you pay for" certainly applies here, as the LCM will need to be towed out of its port in Fort Eustis, VA. It has no engines, and its radar, radios and propellers have also gone AWOL. Still, we imagine that this would prove a unique and entertaining way of cruising your local lake, provided you've got the nerve.

The auction will run from today through Friday, August 1, when bidding will close at 5:00 PM EST. Head over to Government Liquidation for a closer look.

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