Gas Station Clerk Uses Martial Arts To Fight Thieves

Five time champ knocked robber out cold

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Thieves trying to rob a gas station attendant in Huston, Texas, didn't count on one thing: a clerk with five Mixed Martial Arts championships under his belt.

Mayura Dissanyake works at a gas station called Fuel Depot, but in his native Sri Lanka he trained to fight in the tough world of MMA for over a decade, according to Click2Houston. Dissanyake's training came in handy June 10 when two men jumped his co-worker just outside the shop.

Dissanyake's fists began to fly when two men jumped out of an SUV and attacked his buddy who was returning from dropping off a deposit at a bank. He ran outside and delivered a volley of punches and kicks. While one of the assailants got away, the other man, Odell Mathis, was knocked out cold. Police charged Mathis with robbery with bodily injury. The other thief has not been apprehended.

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