2015 Chevy SS manual, magnetic shocks confirmed by order guide

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2015 Chevrolet SS Dealer Order GuideThe Chevrolet SS is very much a muscle car for grownups. If you have a career, significant other and maybe some kids to tote around, you can still drive one, secure in the knowledge that there is a 415-horsepower, 6.2-liter V8 lurking under the hood for when it's time to have some fun. For 2015, Chevrolet is confirming earlier rumors with the addition of a standard, magnetic suspension and optional six-speed manual, according to the automaker's recently released dealer order guide (pictured right).

Already found on some models of the Camaro and Corvette, not to mention several Cadillac models, Magnetic Selective Ride Control system has been praised for its ability to switch from a firm, sporty ride to a cushier demeanor on the fly. It should make the performance sedan into an even better dual-purpose machine for the family and a little bit of hooning around.

The standard transmission is still a six-speed automatic, but there is now an option for a six-speed manual for those who prefer a three-pedal setup. The new gearbox also adds a 3.70 rear-axle ratio to replace the 3.27 gearing from the automatic, but it predictably deletes availability of the remote engine start system. Afaf Farah, a Chevy spokesperson, tells Autoblog that the manual "will have an additional price," but the company won't reveal it until later.

Chevy is also doubling the range of colors available on the SS. The five current shades remain for 2015, but the company is also adding some new hues like: Regal Peacock Green, Some Like It Hot Red, Jungle Green Metallic, Perfect Blue and Alchemy Purple. Finally, all models of the SS get an upgraded OnStar system with 4G LTE that allows the car to act as a wifi hotspot.

In our review of the 2014 model, Michael Harley said, "the SS comes across as a polished, and very well-rounded, sport sedan package that is more focused on performance than the others." The 2015 upgrades put just a little more emphasis on the sedan's sportiness. Check out the gallery of the order guide to see all of the changes.

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