Florida shop will give you a new 'do and new duals

As we've established before, the waiting room at your local auto shop or dealership is awful. Like a simple automotive prison sentence, though, you're generally forced to hang out while the mechanics wrench on your stricken vehicle. How refreshing would it be, though, if you could knock out another errand at the same time? Well, Superior Muffler and Precision Cuts in Orlando, FL understands the pain of its customers.

The innovative business offers a muffler repair shop and a barbershop, meaning both your and your car are free to get cleaned up.

" We cut hair. We cut tail pipes," the shop's owner, Alberto Ramos, told The Orlando Sentinel.

A master muffler installer, 44-year-old Ramos had a light-bulb moment a few years ago after his son suffered a hack job (on his head, not his car).

"It's only a waiting room," Ramos said, referring to his muffler shop, "why can't I turn this into a barber shop?" And with that, the unlikely new concept was born. The shop boasts four barber stools and their assorted supplies, while the other side of the building is home to the muffler business.

Check out the brief video below that profiles Ramos and his two-sided business. Scroll down and take a look.

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