Watch this Indian man carry a motorcycle up a ladder on his head

Sometimes the Internet provides a video so jaw-droppingly weird that it has to be shared. Just watch in stunned silence at the feats of strength and balance on display by this man in India as he hefts a motorcycle up a ladder while balancing the bike on his head. Yes, really.

It takes four men just to haul the bike onto his noggin, and the only thing between his head and the cycle's frame appears to be a small piece of wicker. Granted, it looks like a fairly low-displacement motorcycle, but it still has to weigh well over 100 pounds, and it'd be an uneven load at that. This guy must've had a mean headache or a throbbing back by the end of the day. Scroll down to watch the (grainy) video and see the guy as he makes this unusual labor look easy.

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