It's hard to fathom just how bad traffic can be in Asia. Sure, we hear about 60-mile-long jams and that motorists in China lose nine days a year to traffic, but until you can actually bear witness to the madness that is rush hour in an Asian city, there's no way to know how bad it is. It makes Los Angeles' 101 freeway seem like a joyous, relaxing day cruise.

Take this video, for example. This is Taiwan, where traffic is so bad that the very best vehicle for congested areas, the scooter, is absolutely crippled by the sheer number of people on the road. We can't tell from the video what time of day this is, although we sincerely hope that this is rush hour, and not what you might see at 1:00 PM on a Wednesday. Unfortunately, the source of the video is a bit short on context.

Scroll down and have a look, and be happy that you aren't stuck dealing with such madness.

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