Pagani sends 40% of Huayras to US [w/video]

As big as the North American market is, it's hard for a small-scale European automaker to make it over here. The cost of pursuing certification both in Europe and in the United States is just too high for a small outfit to absorb. That's why Pagani, for example, never brought the Zonda to North America. But when it came to the newer Huayra, the Modenese automaker made EPA, CARB and NHTSA certification a priority - making Pagani the only automaker producing less than 100 vehicles per year to have achieved certification on both shores of the Atlantic.

And it's evidently glad it did, because the United States has become the single largest market for the Huayra. In fact, since the start of 2014, the United States has accounted for 40 percent of Huayra production. And that's not even accounting for other countries which adopt US standards as well instead of abiding by European certification. Earlier this year, the company established Pagani WorldWide as its US base of operations in San Francisco, orchestrating a network across North American with dealers in Connecticut, Miami, Dallas, Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Toronto.

Watch the clip below to see how Pagani gets its cars from the factory in Modena to the United States.
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North America confirmed as strong market for Pagani
San Cesario sul Panaro - Italy San Francisco CA - USA

6 months 2014 results:
- 40% of total production delivered in the United States
- Strong demand for the Pagani Huayr
- Establishment of local base of operation in the US

Pagani Automobili is pleased to report the positive feedback from the US market. In the first 6 months of operations in 2014, the United States will have absorbed 40% of the total production, making it the single largest geographic market for the Pagani brand. The Pagani brand is present in the United States trough Pagani WorldWide, based in San Francisco, California, a subsidiary of Pagani Automobili SpA. Pagani WorldWide is responsible for the development of the US market and will provide after sales and customer support.

The Pagani Huayra is certified to comply with US EPA and CARB, with regards to environmental impact as well as NHSTA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards with regards to safety.

Pagani Automobili landed in North America, the official video:

Horacio Pagani, CEO and Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili SpA, Italy:

"We always knew that the demand for Pagani vehicles from the United States was very high. The Pagani Huayra was the company's most ambitous project so far. Developing a high performance sportscar from scratch to be compliant with EU and US requirements was a challenge our engineers and designers faced with enthusiasm, to create a Pagani vehicle that could be enjoyed by virtually every potential customer, everywhere around the globe.

Pagani is the only small volume manufacturer in the world, who manufatures less than 100 vehicles per year and has both EU and US (EPA and CARB) certification for one of its models. The enthusiastic feedback from our US customers and the commercial success only encourages us to further invest in the development of our products".

Francesco Zappacosta, CEO of Pagani Worldwide, San Francisco:

"In 2011 Pagani unveiled its brand in the United States, in 2013 we started to establish a local presence for the Pagani in the United States, Pagani Worldwide. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we receive from our customers and we are thrilled at the prospect of seeing Pagani becoming a household name for sports cars in the United States.

We are only at the very beginning of Pagani's US operations and our continuous efforts and investments will make sure that the only the best of service is available to our Pagani fleet in the United States".

About Pagani Automobili:

Pagani Automobili S.p.A. is an Italian Supercar manufacturer. The company was founded in 1991 by Horacio Pagani, and is based in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena, Italy.

The philosophy driving the company embraces a concept borrowed from the Renaissance. It is embodied by the great Leonardo da Vinci over 500 years ago, when he stated: "Art and Science were disciplines that must walk together hand in hand." At the forefront of advanced composite materials technology the company has built some of the world's fastest supercars with the Pagani Zonda and Pagani Huayra.
In its young history, the automotive, lifestyle and luxury media, opinion leaders and enthusiasts all over the world repeatedly praised Pagani Automobili. Numerous awards and records justify this reputation as the Pagani Zonda won the first EVO car of the year in 2001 with numerous awards to follow. Over the years the Zonda evolved into an icon, a car that has become a collector's item. The new Pagani Huayra, launched in 2011, is already earning it's own iconic status, having won the three most prestigious European Car of the Year awards in 2012. On top, of that the Stig (Top Gear's mighty racing driver) lapped the famous Top Gear test track in an astonishing 1:13.8 min; making the Pagani Huayra the fastest road car ever to appear on the BBC Top Gear TV show.

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