A chemical explosion rocked General Motors' Marion, IN stamping factory yesterday afternoon, killing one worker. Four other workers required trips to the hospital, although their injuries are not life-threatening.
"We're still determining the cause of the explosion," General Motors spokesperson Bill Grotz told Autoblog. A new Associated Press report this morning lists the deceased as 48-year-old contractor James L. Gibson.

The chlorine dioxide chemical explosion happened near the end of the plant's first shift. GM cancelled the second shift and had originally planned for its third shift to move in late yesterday evening, but that plan was stymied by other, "non-safety related issues," Grotz told AB.

"The plant is now back on schedule with first shift," Grotz said.

The Marion Metal Center, as it's officially known, opened in 1956 and currently employs over 1,600 people. It's located roughly between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

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