One of the many, many headaches inherent in any large metropolis is parking. Simply put, there isn't enough of it and if there is, it's a nine-mile walk from your actual destination. Ignoring the lack of spots and convenience, though, there's a greater issue that makes big-city parking a big pain – it's expensive.

That has a number of citizens' groups up in arms, arguing that the city exploits the parking situation to replenish the coffers. For some, such as a group in Los Angeles called the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative, that issue means pushing for a reduction in costs and fines. For other groups, it means a whole-sale elimination of parking fees and fines.

The Week has an excellent write-up of a surprisingly interesting topic, analyzing whether parking is a civil right (it isn't) and why we simply don't have free parking. It's worth a read, so head over and take a look.

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